SOLD    OUT!   NO  MORE   UNITS   FOR   2019

Please  read   the   below   FAQ   and   rules   page   for   more   information.   If   you   still   need   help,   please   contact   us.

all  boxes  are  first  come,  first  serve!   no  exceptions

why  Can't  i  find  my  street  in  the  search  results?

Streets that do not appear in search results are most likely already booked with reservations. 

where  are  the  boxes  located  on  the  beach?

Boxes are located on the ocean side of the dunes near the trash cans. Looking for streets? Click to see the map

Can  I  book  a  weekly  unit?

No. At this time only seasonal units are available. 


The City of Wildwood operates and manages the boxes in Wildwood Crest. Please contact City of Wildwood Public Works, Monday through Friday 8 AM-2 PM at 609-846-2085 or by online form located here. If after hours or on the weekends, please use the online form and you will be assisted as soon as possible. 

Boxes   are   sold   out   on   my   favorite   street,   can   you   add   a   box?

Boxes will not be added to the beach this season, and all rentals are first come, first serve.

Why   was   my   reservation   modified   after   booking?

We reserve the right to modify, cancel, or change a reservation that does not meet the terms and conditions, rules, or booking times outline on the FAQ and about sections of this website, and terms and conditions at checkout. You will be notified


No. Please contact us by email and we will review your reservation. 

How   long   can   I   book   a   box?

Boxes are available by the season only from May 26th through September 3rd. You may access your box on May 25th if you are available.

How   much   stuff   will   fit   into   the   beach   box?

Beach boxes are 4 ft x 4 ft x 4ft and can store standard beach umbrellas, beach chairs, beach toys, coolers, towels, and more, up to 64 cubic feet of storage space.

Can   you   move   my   box   closer   to   the   water?

Boxes are located on the ocean side of the dunes near the trash cans, and are subject to change if necessary for emergencies or weather. Boxes cannot be placed closer to the water due to the use of beach maintenance machinery. 

I   am   only   in   town   for   a  few  days,   but   I   want   to   rent   a   box.   How   can   I   do   this?

Sorry, boxes are only available for seasonal rentals.

Can   I   post   a   sticker   on   my   box   so   my   kids   know   it's   ours?

No, posting stickers, advertisements, flyers etc is a violation of terms.

Does   the   box   come   with   a   lock?

No, you are responsible for bringing your own lock. 

If   someone   takes   my   stuff   from   my   box,   who's   responsible?

The City of Wildwood and the Borough of Wildwood Crest are not responsible for any theft or damages to beach boxes. Please lock your box. The City of Wildwood and the Borough of Wildwood Crest are not responsible for any items left in beach boxes after the rental term or after September 3, 2019.

I   want   to   pay   by   check   or   cash   for   my   box,   can   I   do   that?

All boxes must be reserved and paid for online through this website. Checks and cash are not accepted.

How   can   I   get   help   booking   a   box?

If you need help making a reservation, please use the form on the Contact page. If you need to call someone, please call 609 846 2085. Please note, you must leave a message and someone will contact you between Monday-Friday, 9 AM-2 PM