SOLD    OUT!   NO  MORE   UNITS   FOR   2019

All rules are to be read and accepted during reservation process! Please refer to this page and the FAQ before contacting us for help.

  • Beach boxes are 4 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft and are intended for beach items only. Boxes can store standard beach umbrellas, beach chairs, beach toys, coolers, towels, and more with up to 64 cubic feet of storage space.

  • Boxes are located on the Ocean side of the dunes near the trash cans.

  • Boxes are only available for seasonal rentals from May 26th at 10 AM til September 3rd at 10 PM.

  • There are a limited number of boxes per street. No boxes will be moved. If the desired location is sold out, please refer to the map to find the next street.

  • All beach boxes will be ready for initial use by May 26th, seasonal renters may access boxes on May 25th

  • All boxes must be empty by September 3rd at 10 PM. No exceptions will be made. If your items remain in your box after rental, they will be removed. After September 3rd, boxes are placed for final winter storage. Items will not be accessible and will not be returned.

  • Each box features a number. When purchasing a box online, a number will be displayed on screen and in the confirmation email. Please keep this for your check in.

  • You must supply your own lock for your box. You are responsible for locking and unlocking your own box. You must remove lock after rental period.

  • The City of Wildwood and Borough of Wildwood Crest reserve the right to cut locks as needed, for emergencies, violations of terms and conditions, or for boxes occupied after the end date of reservation. You will be notified

  • Private advertising is not allowed on beach boxes. 

  • Boxes are not to be altered, or customized.

  • Storage of any food or beverage items inside a beach box is strictly prohibited.

  • Boxes may be moved at the City of Wildwood and Borough of Wildwood Crest's discretion, for all weather-related events and emergencies. You will be notified.


  • The City of Wildwood and the Borough of Wildwood Crest are not responsible for the following:

  • A. Any items stored in a locked beach box after the date of your rental or after September 3rd. Items will not be replaced or returned, and locks will not be returned.

  • B. Theft of items as a result of the box being vandalized or not locked properly.

  • C. Equipment inside the box that is lost or damaged due to high tides, hurricane storms and rain (boxes are water resistant, not waterproof.)

  • D. Vandalism of a beach box.


  • There will be no refunds or exchanges if you cannot make your scheduled time for your beach box.

  • Any violation of these rules may result in your removal from the beach box program, without refund.